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Established in 1977, Star Trailers builds custom transport trailers to meet the needs of both long-haul truckers and agricultural producers. Our trailers are known throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond for their quality, durability and longevity.

Located in the beautiful Yakima Valley, Star Trailers sits in the middle of a diverse agricultural community. With products ranging from potatoes, apples, and carrots to grain and hay and everything in between, we offer custom trailers to suit the needs of every customer. Chain belt self-unloaders, hopper bottom grain trailers, and belt roller trailers all are easily customized for any option you'd like.

Agricultural trailers are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to what Star Trailers can offer. We also build end dump trailers that are used in demolition, bottom dump trailers that are used to move gravel and pumice and various flatbed trailers that can move anything from hay to heavy equipment.

Our liquid tight side dump trailers are a valuable piece of equipment to keep from getting a costly ticket. Available in two or three tubs, these trailers can haul potato slurry, sewage, or anything else with a high liquid content without having to worry about it leaking through the floor. Our tubs are available in a high strength steel or a corrosive resistant stainless steel.

We also build refuse trailers for small private companies to large municipalities. High side moving floors and possum tippers are just two possible unloading systems, each with optional hydraulic flip top lids, manual flip lids, or our Star rollacross tarp system. As you can see, Star Trailers can provide custom trailers to accommodate any application.

Star Trailers at 230 Highway 241 Sunnyside, WA 98944